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HB-101 All Purpose Organic Plant Vitalizer, 500 mL

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HB-101 All Purpose Organic Plant Vitalizer, 500 mL

All purpose natural plant vitalizer, effective for growing various kinds of plants. Your plants will become stronger and healthier, and will grow more vigorously. Strong and healthy plants are also environmentally friendly.

It is so easy to use! Just dilute it with water and then spray it on the plants.


Extract from cedars, Japanese cypress, pines as well as from plantains (a well-known medical herb).

Points and Effect:

  • Safe and harmless
  • Perfect for organic and reduced-chemical cultivation
  • Effective absorption of Phosphorous, Nitrogen, and Potassium from the soil
  • Vitalizing and maintaining the balance of soil microorganisms
  • Effective for soil improvement
  • Contains Pinen, a substance that repels plant enemies
  • HB-101 is a nutrient for plants all by itself


Use from 1,000 to 100,000 times dilution by water. (1 or 2 drops to 1L water)

  1. Sprinkle HB-101 (1,000 to 100,000 dilution) on the soil from once to 3 times between harvest and next replant.
  2. Dip seeds into HB-101 (1,000 times dilution) for 12 hours. (Beans should be dipped just for a moment and leafy vegetables for three hours.)
  3. Sprinkle HB-101 (1,000 times dilution) on the ground just before seeding and just before replant.
  4. Sprinkle HB-101 (1,000 times dilution) on seedlings 3 times during the period of seedlings.
  5. HB-101 is very cheap. HB-101 is used, 10ML to 100ML per1000m2, 1ML to 10ML per 100m2, 0.1ML to 1ML per 10m2. (1,000 to 100,000 dilution) once a week or two weeks. (To the soil and to the leaves.)
  6. In case of hydroponic cultivation, HB-101 is used 100,000 times dilution in water.
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