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Nioinonno Natural Organic Room Deodorizer, Gel Type

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  • Gel type Nioinonno is a kind of air freshener deodorizer fused into a gel ball.
  • Each gel ball contains Nioinonno liquid packed into a polymer gel ball, and it has long lasting deodorizing effect. Because it is small and compact, you can place it anywhere that you wish, and it will deodorize the air.
  • Just put it in the place where you don't like the bad smell. The gel balls deodorizer is a product with long-lasting deodorizing effect.
  • Made of 100% natural plant extract, so you can use it with confidence!
  • Tsubu Tsubu Nioinonno is made from extracts extracted from pine, cocoons and oxalis trees. It contains no petroleum-based substances, heavy metals, or pollution-controlling substances. Therefore, safe for use near children.
  • No fragrance, no coloring, no minerals. Natural fragrance with plant extracts
    The plant extract is a natural scent. It has the smell of natural trees, like a forest bath.
  • Removes bad smells and leaves a good smell.
  • Place it anywhere and it will absorb the odor from it's surroundings.

Ingredients: Essences extracted from pines, camillias, and wood sorrels

Usage Instruction:

  1. Remove the plastic enclosure.
  2. Peel off the aluminium seal.
  3. Replace the plastic enclosure.
  4. Place the Nioinonno Gel at any place that you wish to remove foul odor smell.
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