HB-101 Activates the Beneficial Soil Microorganism.

HB-101 Activates the Beneficial Soil Microorganism.

HB-101 and microbes are good friends. HB-101 is derived from extracts of cedar, pine, cypress and plantain grass and it is purely natural. Microbes live in the soil and on the surface of plants. When HB-101 (“HB-101” hereunder means “HB-101diluted solution”) is sprayed on the leaves and the soil, microbes are very happy and become more beneficial for plants.

Plants take up nutrients from the soil and the size of the nutrients must be small enough for plants to take up. Microbes play a very important role to make the size of the nutrient small.

Mr. Microbe and Ms. Plant live together. There are plenty of nutrients in the soil for Mr. Microbe and Ms. Plant, but the size of the nutrients is too big for Ms.

Plant to eat. Mr. Microbe eats the nutrients and digests them. Mr. Microbe is a good friend of Ms. Plant and is happy to share digested nutrients with her. With a help of Mr. Microbe, Ms. Plant can take up the nutrients from her roots and grows bigger and healthier.

When HB-101 is sprayed on the soil, Mr. Microbe becomes very energetic and digests more nutrients to share with Ms. Plant. With HB-101, not only does Mr. Microbe become active but he also increases the number of his colleagues.

HB-101 increases the population of microbes and makes those microbes active and energetic. Consequently, plants living together with those microbes become healthier and bigger.

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