HB-101 Promotes Flowering

HB-101 Promotes Flowering

Flowering plants always make your garden look more beautiful and exciting. So we decide to make a trip to our favorite nursery to find the most beautiful flowering plant there is. We had to pick the one that has the most perfect flowers on it, this would almost guarantee that there is less work to be done and flowers will continue to bloom through-out it's lifetime.

So we thought, until a few months or sometimes weeks later, we witness the last petal fall to the ground with no new flower buds in sight. Now we are in a panic mode and rushes to the nearest shop to buy all sorts of fertilizers and additives to help boost flowering. We then go to the FB community page to ask for more tips and advice. 

The easy way out is HB-101. Just dilute 2 drops of the concentrated HB-101 liquid with one liter of clean water should suffice. Spray the solution onto the soil and leaves once a week. After a week or two, new flower buds should start to appear. And later on, beautiful flowers will start blooming. Your flowering plant becomes so beautiful again. 

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